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Top 5 tips to a flatter tighter tummy!

We all crave those abs, the tight mid section and to not feel puffy and bloated!

So here are my TOP 5 tips to a leaner you!

1) Water Water Water ~ I can not push it hard enough how beneficial water is! Not only does this beauty get rid of toxins from your system, the more water you drink, the less you will carry fluid around your body.

2) Fiber!! Increase your fiber intake, the better you're digestive system is working, the less bloated you will feel.

3) Core exercises! Focus on planks, side planks, roll outs! Build a strong core and watch your baby abs grow!

4) Eat nutritiously & fuel the body with amazing food! If you put crap food in, expect to get crap results back out!

5) Detox ~ if you have not detoxed ever or it has been a while, go on a cleanse. If you consume a lot of high processed food and sugar, I guarantee your stomach is under the pump and is not working right, hence the bloating! Find a detox that suits your requirements, but always check with your health care professional first.