Hi All,

So as promised on my Instagram ( @alliracohrs ) I mentioned that I would post my leg routine.

I always mix my leg routines up, so this week for 3 days a week, I will be doing these exercises below, in this sequence. The following week I will train a completely different set of exercises for 3 days.

Everything below is 6 sets - 10 reps

( Pick your own weight based on your fitness level )

• Smith Machine Sumo Squats

• 1 Leg Split Squats

• Cable Machine Straight Arm Squats

• Leg Extension

• Lie Down Leg Curl

ABS - 3 sets 10-12 reps

Hanging Leg Raises
Hanging Leg Oblique Raises
Barbell Roll Outs

Finished workout with 15 minutes on the stepper!!!

Burnnnnnning body!!


Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Wow this absolutely blew me away!!! I never knew I could whip up something so nutritious and so amazingly yummy!!

The main ingredient being ripe avocados. Packed with good fats, this is now my go to dessert.

This dessert is packed with goodness. Good fats, antioxidants.. Yum Yum Yum

Ingredients are:

2 ripe avocados
4 tablespoons of raw cocoa powder
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of natural vanilla essence
1/3 cup of coconut water
1/2 scoop of WPI Chocolate Protein powder ( optional )
A pinch of Himalayan salt

Dice the Avo's, place in a high speed processor or bullet blender. Combine all ingredients. The mixture becomes thick extremely quick, so just scoop from the sides and add a little more coconut water for desired consistency.

Place in a dish & refrigerate. I garnished with organic blueberries, chia seeds and almonds

Try not to eat the mixture before serving ; )

Enjoy x


Road to my Cover Shoot

Blog: Day 1

I have been busting my chops for a few weeks but this week was the real deal breaker, the food changed, the weights went up and the cardio ( ohhhh the dreaded cardio ) has started!!!!

My food stays pretty much the same for the next 3 weeks, I won't stray off and introduce new things, if anything I will start eliminating more as I go along. Meals will vary, protein will change, but just depends on how I feel each day.

I'm not one to eat 6 small meals a day, I'll eat 3 big meals and graze in between if it's a must

Breakfast : WPI, teaspoon of coffee, Small Banana, 1/3 cup of organic oats, Coconut water, Lots of cinnamon, teaspoon of almond butter, Ice & BLEND!!! Yummm

Lunch: 100grams of lean meat + spinach leaves with apple cider vinegar + green tea

Preworkout: Small organic banana

Post workout: WPI Shake

Dinner: Sweet Potato & Salmon patties with dill, side of garden salad & teaspoon of home made yoghurt + ginger & dill dressing on patties

I drink ALOT of water throughout the day, more so in this heat. I love black coffee, I'll have maybe 3 a day ( no sugar)

Workout today :

Lunch time : Skipping for 15mins, 1 min hard, 1 min slow!

Afternoon workout:
Warm up with foam roll & stretch. Mixed reviews on stretching before workout, but my hamstrings are still so sore from 3 days ago that I felt I needed to stretch it out

• 10 Plyo Push Ups
• 10 Squat Press w Med Ball
• 15 12kg Zumo Squats
• 50kg Sled Sprints
4 Sets

Finished with Ab routine (on Instagram)

Simple but effective


Top 5 tips to a flatter tighter tummy!

We all crave those abs, the tight mid section and to not feel puffy and bloated!

So here are my TOP 5 tips to a leaner you!

1) Water Water Water ~ I can not push it hard enough how beneficial water is! Not only does this beauty get rid of toxins from your system, the more water you drink, the less you will carry fluid around your body.

2) Fiber!! Increase your fiber intake, the better you're digestive system is working, the less bloated you will feel.

3) Core exercises! Focus on planks, side planks, roll outs! Build a strong core and watch your baby abs grow!

4) Eat nutritiously & fuel the body with amazing food! If you put crap food in, expect to get crap results back out!

5) Detox ~ if you have not detoxed ever or it has been a while, go on a cleanse. If you consume a lot of high processed food and sugar, I guarantee your stomach is under the pump and is not working right, hence the bloating! Find a detox that suits your requirements, but always check with your health care professional first.


Who said you needed a gym to train!!

So I'm semi home bound at the moment, but this does not mean I cannot exercise! I have a balcony, Gym mat, Skipping rope and " Myself " that's all you need! A lot of people are under the assumption you need all this fancy gear and cardio equipment to get a workout, I'm going to share with you a quick 15-20 minute High Intensity Routine i smashed out this morning, and man was I stuffed but frefreshed after.
I came across this workout from a leading professional in this industry, his name is Christian M - The Boxing Coach
I like these High Intensity workouts, because they are quick, super effective and give you a good sweat out if you have over indulged with food, they repent your sins ;)
Make sure you always check with your health professional before performing any sort of exercise, get the ok to perform these styled workouts, as they are not for the faint hearted.
Warm up firstly with some skipping or starjumps or shadow boxing, just to get the blood going.
* 5 Burpess
* 5 Push-ups with clap between
* 5 Normal Push-ups
* 10 Squat Jumps
* 10 Normal Squats
* 10 Lunge Jumps
* 20 Mountain Climbers ( See Youtube for demonstration )
* 20 Sit Ups
* 20 Crunches.
Repeat this routine 3-4 times through
Happy Training xx