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Road to my Cover Shoot

Blog: Day 1

I have been busting my chops for a few weeks but this week was the real deal breaker, the food changed, the weights went up and the cardio ( ohhhh the dreaded cardio ) has started!!!!

My food stays pretty much the same for the next 3 weeks, I won't stray off and introduce new things, if anything I will start eliminating more as I go along. Meals will vary, protein will change, but just depends on how I feel each day.

I'm not one to eat 6 small meals a day, I'll eat 3 big meals and graze in between if it's a must

Breakfast : WPI, teaspoon of coffee, Small Banana, 1/3 cup of organic oats, Coconut water, Lots of cinnamon, teaspoon of almond butter, Ice & BLEND!!! Yummm

Lunch: 100grams of lean meat + spinach leaves with apple cider vinegar + green tea

Preworkout: Small organic banana

Post workout: WPI Shake

Dinner: Sweet Potato & Salmon patties with dill, side of garden salad & teaspoon of home made yoghurt + ginger & dill dressing on patties

I drink ALOT of water throughout the day, more so in this heat. I love black coffee, I'll have maybe 3 a day ( no sugar)

Workout today :

Lunch time : Skipping for 15mins, 1 min hard, 1 min slow!

Afternoon workout:
Warm up with foam roll & stretch. Mixed reviews on stretching before workout, but my hamstrings are still so sore from 3 days ago that I felt I needed to stretch it out

• 10 Plyo Push Ups
• 10 Squat Press w Med Ball
• 15 12kg Zumo Squats
• 50kg Sled Sprints
4 Sets

Finished with Ab routine (on Instagram)

Simple but effective