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Hi All,

So as promised on my Instagram ( @alliracohrs ) I mentioned that I would post my leg routine.

I always mix my leg routines up, so this week for 3 days a week, I will be doing these exercises below, in this sequence. The following week I will train a completely different set of exercises for 3 days.

Everything below is 6 sets - 10 reps

( Pick your own weight based on your fitness level )

• Smith Machine Sumo Squats

• 1 Leg Split Squats

• Cable Machine Straight Arm Squats

• Leg Extension

• Lie Down Leg Curl

ABS - 3 sets 10-12 reps

Hanging Leg Raises
Hanging Leg Oblique Raises
Barbell Roll Outs

Finished workout with 15 minutes on the stepper!!!

Burnnnnnning body!!