Wow, So today i log onto my computer to a lovely email, letting me know I am on the Sports Illustrated Website.

Not only is it a DREAM & GOAL to be in Sports Illustrated, but being on their website is a HUGE achievement for me, and I am 1 step closer to my goal
So very happy and overwhelmed at the moment
Check it out here & gallery

Allira xx

Shoot with Wayne Daniels


Here is a Sneaky Preview of my shoot with the Amazing photographer Wayne Daniels. I have known Wayne for years, and his work is just FANTASTIC


More to come, but Enjoy


Allira xx




Online Interview


Just a little interview I did, for a friend who I have know for years. Chris from Parx-e.

Gives an insight on what I am doing currently, and what I have planned

Enjoy x


Solomon Islands Tour with the Australian Defence Force


So here we go again.. I had the pleasure of being sent away on a Tour with the Australian Defence Force. Myself and the Crew which consisted of my Co host Mad Mike Bennet who was also the Comedian, The amazing band Left Field, and the Amazing girls from The Cherries


We all met up in Sydney, and made our way from Sydney to Brisbane, then Brisbane to Solomon Islands. I always feel very special and super blessed when i get asked to go away on these tours.


Not only do you meet some amazing and beautiful people, you are let into a world, that not everyday people are allowed to experience, so I am always so very appreciative for this, and will take so many wonderful memories away with me after each tour.


In 2007 I toured to East Timor, so I had an idea of what going away on this tour would be like, but in all honesty, this tour was different in so many ways. Apart from the obvious tropical islands, and different location, I found the Solomons to be more interesting. There is so much history behind Guadalcanal and its war campaigns, this stuff really fascinated myself and everyone else that was sent over.

For those of you who dont know about Solomons, you can read about it HERE

I have come away from this trip, with amazing memories, I celebrated my 25th Birthday at a beautiful little cafe, surrounded by Coconut trees and new friends, it was GREAT.

I took 2 of my 2011 // 2012 Calendars over, and we happily gave them away to 2 lucky soldiers who were just so happy to have something special from home.


At the end of the day, These people are deployed away from their friends, family and loved ones for short and long periods of time. As cliche and corny as it may sound, I have a profound respect for anyone who is willing to give up those things and much more, to be sent away on a deployment, or even to just be there for help for a countries assistance.

I feel very special, that I can sit back and know we gave some amazing entertainment, and made their time away from normal living just a little bit easier..

I cannot wait to go away again, as this is something I really do Love doing, and its such an humbling experience, something I will never forget in this lifetime.


Ill leave you with a link to Mad Mike Bennett's PHOTO BLOG, and also just some quick snaps from the trip. I will make a Photo Blog soon for all to enjoy

Allira x


Me on my Birthday @ the Rain Tree Cafe


At a Local Village with piece from the War.


Enjoying the Tropics ..