Another dream coming true!! Appearing in leading Mixed Martial Arts magazine "Fight Magazine"

I talk about having a dream of becoming a UFC octagon girl in the article.

Enjoy x



Wow!!! What another amazing thing to happen!!

Appearing on the famous site as Lovely Lady Of The Day.

I aspire to be a SI girl, and this is just 1 step closer to my dream & goals!

Very happy little Vegemite right now!


Vegas LA - UFC155

I decided to make a trip to LA & Vegas for New Years Eve and what a cool experience.

I am a HUGE UFC fan, so to goto a live event is just a no brainer to me. I was extremely fortunate enough to score some amazing seats cage side, and experience a UFC fight basically right in the firing line.

This was such a awesome trip. It's not a secret that I am pushing and working away to be a UFC octagon girl and also a presenter within the sports world, I will continue to work towards my goal and dream.

I was lucky to catch up with some people and make new friends while I was there.

Dana White the president of the UFC took time from his busy schedule to meet with me, and I also crossed paths with Dan aka Punkass the founder of the HUGELY successful label Tapout.

I made a new friendship with the goto Nutrition expert of the UFC Mike Dolce - The Dolce Diet & Living Lean books, Available on Ibooks. Mike preps majority of the top UFC fighters for their fights within the UFC.

Very happy and blessed, and I will continue to grind away until I turn my dreams into reality.


BodyScience - Team BSc


Yesterday a dream came true! I am now part of the amazing company BodyScience as a ambassador.

BodyScience is one of Australia's leading companies in supplements & compression garments.

I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this amazing health & fitness family, and looking forward to what the next few months hold.